All Type Of Guide Rolls


Aluminum tube is also called aluminum roller", it is made of advantaged aluminum alloy material. it has all kinds of modules and sizes. inside the roller , there is a strong rib structure , which is very fixed. and the omni-axes is controlled by dynamic balance correction treatment. which limit to 2g. with the special cutting method. the roll surface's lustrousness is from 1.6 to 0.8 , and coaxially is 0.02mm. the axle end with the technology processing and the best bearing , though it is running with high speed , it still works well.according to diffrent industry, the roller can also be used in anodic oxidation HV300,HV700,Teflo, it can bear the stuff working surrounding.

Feiya Aluminum tube is with high strengh ,small resistance, light weight , flexible rotation , and no rusting. it is widely used in spinnig, electric wire and cable , metal- processing industry, paper industry,rubber industry, plastics industry and mechanical industry.