Narrow Web Slitting Machine

ACCUWEB has developed special type Narrow Web Slitting Machine


  • Web Width : 350mm
  • Unwind Dia : 500mm
  • Rewind Dia : 350mm Two Stage
  • Machine Speed : 300 MPM
  • Cutting : Circular Knife
  • Inspection : 300 X 350 mm


  • Mechanical Web Gripper & Cross Cutting Slot on Inspection Table.
  • Removable Slitting Station for Easy Maintenance.
  • Adjustable Slitting assembly at the running speed.
  • Individual Drive for both rewind station Synchronize with Nip and slitting
  • Drive. (2 No. 2 HP for Rewind 1 HP for Cutter & Nip roll)
  • Speed Indicators Mt. / Min, Length Counter 1 No.
  • Gap Sensor for Batch Counter. 1 No.
  • Inspection Mounting Facility for Strobe Light
  • Individual Slip ring for each roll. 5No. for Each Rewind Shaft.
  • Circular Top & Bottom Knife (6 Set) With Gear Drive.
  • 2.5kg Magnetic Clutch With control For Winding
  • TRA Web Guiding system With Controller.
  • Single side mounted all 85mm aluminum ideal roller with balance 35 mm shaft brackets.
  • Balancing body & one side open shaft at both end for easy roll feeding + removing.
  • 1No. unwind shaft complete with core cone, check nut, and spring suitable for 400mm reel dia & 76mm core. (Optional Air Shaft)
  • Single side mounted all 85mm aluminum ideal roller with balance 35mm shaft bracket


  • 1 No. Mechanical shaft for Unwind suitable for 76 mm core dia. and 2 No. Paper core cone & check nut as a extra shaft
  • 2 No. mechanical shaft for Rewind suitable for 76 mm core dia. with 10 No. Slipering for differential winding
  • Ultrasonic Edge guide for TRA bst/e+l make
  • 1 No. 5 Kg. magnetic brake wit manual Tension control of Unwind
  • . 2nos magnet powder cluth with manual Tension control for rewind
  • AC variable main drive for circular Knife & Nip rollers Standard make (SIEMENS/PARKER/LENZE/ABB make.)
  • Digital counter & length counter � Standard make
Narrow Web Slitting Machine Narrow Web Slitting Machine