Wrinkle Removing Device


Suitable up to 120" working width, with Falt covering on wooden Patti, Aluminum Patti and S.S. Patti

The expansion effect is attained by the movement of the slats form the center of the rollers. In case of a constant stroke a plain stretch effect is obtained.

The expansion effect is influenced by a twist of the shaft were the charging and discharging points of the cloth are changes.

Wrinkle removing action control by varying the surface area


The expansion effect is attained by stretching the very elastic poly bands evenly located at the circumference.

The expansion effect can be infinitely adjusted during the operation by changing the stroke by a hand wheel. It is additionally influenced by changing the charging and discharging points.

Suitable Dia 75 to 150 Poly band expander


Fix /adjustable/ variable with Rubber covering and Metal covering suitable length 20" to 150". Diameter of roll 50 mm to 150 mm.

  • Positive drive/optional Precision spreading and wrinkle remov
  • Ground ball bearings for low torque and free turning.
  • Precision bowed shafts.
  • Quality rubber covering.
  • Optional custom drives.
  • Customized for your requirements.
  • Precision slit separation.
BOW EXPANDER ROLLER : Adjustable Expander-18

Spreader rolls are designed to improve web control by eliminating wrinkles during process. One type of spreader roll is the bowed roll. which removes lengthwise wrinkles before the slitting process by tensioning the web in the cross-machine direction.

A bowed roll consists of a stationer)' curved shaft. which support, a series of narrow rollers mounted on free-turning bearings. A continuous flexible rubber sleeve covers the roller assemblies to form the body of the bowed roll. In critical low-tension applications. the bowed roll can be driven.


These grooves "stretch� the web from the inside toward the edges, eliminating lengthwise wrinkles

  • Selvedge uncurler : /5/2 with aluminum anodized
  • SS spindle�/5/3 with SS spindle .

UNCURLER AND DECURLING: arrangement for Textile and Tyre - cord Industries