Tension Controls System

Application Information :

Tension Control System For Unwinders And Rewinders Of Converting Machines Constant Tension During Converting Process Is One Of The Main Criteria In Ensuring Good Quality End Product. Tension Of Web Is Decided By The Braking/Driving Torque Applied To The Roll Shaft And The Roll Radius.

Tension = Torque / Radius.

As The Roll Diameter Starts Reducing From Full Diameter, Or Increases From Core Diameter, The Torque Should Be Adjusted From Time To Time In Order Maintain Constant Tension. With Conventional Brake System, The Machine Operator Adjust The Brake In Steps Due To Which Tension Will Not Remain Constant During The Process. Accuweb Enterprises Help Convertors Achieve Higher Productivity, Lesser Wastes And Increased Profits By Maintaining Constant Tension During Running Process.

Powder Brake Two Drive Synchronies Through Load-Cell Powder Clutch
Brake Rewinder Motor Control Through
Load Cell and Inverter
Hollow Type Clutch

The Following Are Major Components Wit Tension Controller System:

  • Tension Controller
  • Tension Transducer
  • Magnetic Particle Brake/Clutch/Motor/Pneumatic Brake

Some Of The Major Benefits Achieved When Using Tension Controller Are:

  • Set Value Of Tension Is Maintained Constant During The Process.
  • Wastages Are Reduced Since The Roll Can Be Used Until Last Few Layers
  • Line Speed Can Be Increased.
  • Operator Can Focus On Other Critical Parameters Of The Process During Machine Running Condition.
  • Constant Tension Helps In Reducing Major Shift In Registration While Printing Which Normally Occurs When Frequent Adjustments Are Done With Manual Systems.
  • Payback Period Is Usually Between 6 Months To 2 Years Depending On Type Of Material
Rewind With Clutch Tension Control For Unwind With Brake Rewind With Motor & Invator
Digital controller Tension Control For Slitter Rewinder Load Cell

Automate Web Tension Controller Operating Principle:

Material Tensionis Set By Set Tension Potentiometer, The Set Value Is Compared With Actual Tension Value (Signal Come From Tension Transducer), The Compared Signal Will Give Error Signal, This Signal Is Amplified And Given To Brake /Motort. Special Electronic Circuit Will Compare With Actual Tension Value And Maintain The Same By Adjusting The Braking Torque Or And Speed Of Motor.