Accu Stretch Pallet ASP-10

Accuweb pallet wrapping machine is to secure them to pallet with stretch film. This provides stability and to protect your products during transportaion.
These machines are characterized by less maintanence, superior work easy operate and cost effective prices
The best way to transport your products on a pallet is to secure them to the pallet with Stretch Film. This provides stability and protects your products during transportation.
These machines are characterized by less maintenance, superior work Easy Operate and cost effective prices.

pallet type wrapping machine

Accu Turntable:

  • Packing height: --as per customer require
  • turntable diameter: 500mm to 1500mm
  • Turntable capacity: 250kgs, 1000kgs
  • 125mm low profile turntable
  • Soft start /soft stop
  • Heavy duty chain drive
  • Turntable speed: variable 3-12rpm
  • Top and bottom & up-down Wrap times adjestable
  • auto carriage up/down switch satable asper require size
  • Supported by 6 pairs of Caster

Electrical :

  • 75/1.5 kw motor for turn table
  • 3.7 kw motor for carriage
  • Power 230 ac/440ac
  • Manual/auto tension brake
  • Variable ac drive for turn table& auto carrige
  • Pre-settable counter for set the turn table rotation