Other Applications

ACCUWEB Guiding Cum Expanding Roller :

ACCUWEB Cutting Device With Web Guide :

ACCUWEB Turn Bar With Web Guiding :

Functional Principle Of The Turning Bar

  • The turning bar is used wherever a 90 turn in the direction of the web is required, together with some adjustment of the web alignment.
  • The turning bar is installed at an angle of 45 to both the infeed and outfeed direction of the web.
  • The web winds itself around the turning bar 180 and leaves the guiding device at right- angles to the infeed position.
  • To correct the web path at the same time the turning bar is moved across the outfeed direction (in other words in line with the infeed direction) according to the guiding signal.
  • In order to avoid material stress turning bars can be supplied with an optional air connection which puts a protective air cushion between the turning bar and the web.

ACCUWEB Chaser Guiding :

ACCUWEB Ocillation Guiding :

Oscillation enables the controlled lateral displacement of the web of material with an adjustable amplitude (size of the movement) and frequency (speed of the movement). This functionality is either available as the principle shown above, or by means of two independent move-able sensors´┐Ż with an electronic overlay.

Oscillation is mainly used for rewinding of tubular films or for materials with an irregular thickness profile in order to avoid poor winding.

ACCUWEB Fabric Guiding System :

Individual rail guiding of stenter frame

ACCUWEB Tyre Fabric Guiding For Calender And Diping Plant :

JOINED AXLE WEBALIGNER (hydraulically operated)
Right half of the rolls in the shrink position left half of the rolls in the expand position.
Web master rolls in the full expand position to widen the narrow incoming web.
Web master rolls in the neutral or shrink position to decrease the wide incoming web.
combination of web-width error is corrected by a combination of bow direction using a jointed axle bowed roll.
Bow facing in direction of web travel results in an increase in web width.
Bow facing towards incoming web results in a reduction of web width

Heavy Duty Electrical Cloth Guide Type - 10

Accuweb Line / Edge Controll


Position control system.Adjustable track control with deviation display. The LED emission sensing offering the possibility of operating on all contrast & background, presenting different surface treatment.Ultra sonic edge sensing or opto elecronic sensing. High response motor powered actuator. Proximity switch provided for automatic end travel limits.

PMDC motors actuator controlled with high response.High response mechanism of gear box with linear screw drive designed for linear correction movements Easy installation and zero maintenance system.