Rotogravure Printing Machine ARC-10


No. of Printing station up to: 8 color
Max. web width: 1500 mm.
Printing materials:- LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PPCP, HMHDPE, Pet Film (10 micron) foil (35 Micron) paper (Up to 50 GSM) Polyester (10-20 Micron) BOPP PVC, OPP, paper Etc.
Print repeat rang :- 314-1100
Max. Roll Diameter :- 800 mm / 500 Kgs.
Max. Operating speed upto 150 /200 Mtrs. / Min.
Web tension range: 6-30 Kg,.
Unwind Tension control By means of ( Digital Control AC motor)
Inlet compressed Air Pressure 6 bar ( Dry & Clean Air )
Rewind tension range 6-30 Automatic tension
Unwind slide displacement By Web Aligner
Doctor blade pressure and Impression roller : Pneumatic
Registration Lateral & Longitudinal : Motorised

Special future

  • Special type quick change over C.I Doctor blade with S.S griper plate.
  • One side thread EN-9 shaft with 40 hardening for main drive cylinder & Shanthi gear ( 50 mm. )
  • Linear registration arrangement with bearing type gear box motorized registration.
  • C.I foundation based one piece for wall mounting ( Printing plate )
  • Timings belt drive arrangement for In-feed / Out-feed main drive & rewind ( Timing belt pulley & belt )
  • Central exhaust pipe between both drying chambers for all stations.
  • Load cell mounting three roll assembly arrangement for multi drive system.
  • Rack & Pinion tray lifting arrangement with gearbox.
  • Suitable fitting arrangement for 5 drive system (unwind /In-feed / out-feed / main drive and rewinding )
  • Individual Air flow separators jet in drying chamber.
  • Inspection provided in all station and rewind.