Corona Treaters

Our product range are Bare Roller Treater ( for Aluminum Foil / conductive films Corona Treatment with Ceramic Electrodes ) , Narrow Web Treaters , Corona Treater Machine and Corona Treater Systems for Blown Film Extrusion Plants for Monolayer and High Speed Multilayer plants, On-Line Corona Treater for Rotogravure / Flexo-printing machines, Woven Sack Roll Printing, and serving different industries

Our Range of Products:

Narrow Web Corona Treater are primarily used in converting applications like label printing / adhesive coatings substrates like Teflon / Fibre Glass cloth etc. Narrow web treater are generally single side treater with max. Width upto 12 inch and running at a line speed more than 100 mtrs./min. In this type of Narrow Web treaters treatment rollers are of 6 inch dia covered with silicone rubber sleeves and two bare guide rollers. It has cantilever type of construction with Segmented Electrode ( 4 fins / 6 fins ) System covered with FRP for operators safety. These treaters are comes with Ozone Extraction system and assembly open H.T. Interlock for operators safety. It has pneumatically operated Electrode system for threading of the film.

Narrow Web Treater Features:

  • Pneumatically operated hinged type assembly.
  • Ozone Extraction System
  • External Air Gap Adjustment
  • Single Side Treatment. ( Segmented Electrode )
  • Treatment width : 4 inch to 16 inch.

Corona Treater for Woven Sack :


Corona Treatment on Woven Fabric; laminated or un laminated (HDPE / PP) increases surface bonding strength by creating polar molecule on the surface. As a result excellent bonding of inks takes place. On untreated fabric, inks adhere on the surface by means of mechanical friction and are easily released by rubbing or adhesive Tape test.

Corona Treatment on Woven Fabric : Corona Treatment is a process of high speed oxidation on the polymer surface. This makes the surface polar in nature. This process is limited to surface molecules and doesn't affect the strength of material.


Woven Sack Treater is used to treat separate HDPE / PP Woven Sacks or Rolls prior to printing.

Bare Roller Treater :

Roller/Electrode Assembly for Conductive/Non Conductive Films :
Bare Roller Treater are used for corona treatment of conductive films ( like Aluminum Foil and Metalised Film) and Non-Conductive Films ( Plastic Film, PE/PP etc. ). It is also called Universal Corona Treater.

In the bare roller corona treater, treatment roller is bare ( i.e without silicone sleeve unlike conventional corona treater ) and grounded .

Electrode is Ceramic tubes ( Square /Round ) to which to which High Voltage is applied. Generally efficiency of Bare Roller Corona Treater is less compared to Silicone Sleeved Conventional Corona Treater and hence more power is required in the Bare Roller Corona Treaters. For this, multiples ceramic electrodes are employed depending upon line requirement.

Bare Roller Corona Treaters are ideal for converting applications because it has following

However, the Bare Roller Corona Treaters are not without its limitations. They are:

  • The Bare-Roll station required slightly more power (kW) to treat difficult to treat substrates to a given dyne level.
  • The Bare-Roll station did not easily allow stripe or lane treatment which is frequently required on blown lines producing film for bags. This is especially true when the stripe treatment must be adjusted frequently to vary the treat and no-treat dimensions. Converting lines (printing or coating) seldom require stripe or lane treatment except for in-line printing on an extrusion line.



Special Features :

  • Ozone Suction is directly done from Electrodes which enables better cooling of electrodes hence operator can touch the electrode for changing treatment width.
  • Continuos Fresh flow of air at electrode, provides good corona for high level treatment at wide width/high speed multilayer blown film plants.
  • Open structure allows easy access of treater station for threading and maintenance.
  • Swiveling Type Electrode system provides universal threading path. ( single assembly suitable for horizontal web path as well as vertical web path)

Corona Generator :


Corona Treaters are having Corona Generator capacities in 1.0 KW to 10.KW and more the web width in excess of 2000 mm running at line speed of 250 mtrs./min, and more. The Roller/Electrode assemblies for Corona Treater are manufactured to suit customers requirement with Treatment Rollers covered with Imported Silicone Rubber Sleeve and in case of Bare Roller Treater with Imported Ceramic Tubes.

We offer Corona Generator with the latest IGBT based Technology, High Frequency and power efficiency  above 90%.
Corona Generator Key Features:

  • Latest IGBT based Technology.
  • High Frequency( Silent ) operation 10-50 kHz.
  • Power Efficiency above 90 %.
  • Pulse Width Modulation Technology for Steeples Control of Treatment Power.
  • Fine control of output power through ten turn lockable potentiometer.
  • Wide load matching , 5 to 1.
  • Feather Touch Front Panel controls with Digital Display of Treatment Power
  • Zero Speed Trip with Audio/ Visual for Web break , increasing life of Silicone Rubber Sleeve and power saving Overload / Short Ckt.
  • Trip with Audio/Visual in case of puncture of silicone sleeve/high voltage insulators breakdown or arcing Phase Failure protection for three phase generator panels.

Corona Treater For Converting Applications

  • Paper Extrusion / Coating Lamination Plant : RUNNING AT 250 MTRS./MIN.


  • Line Speed : 200 mtrs./mis.
  • Multifin SS Elecrode with External air gap adjustment.
  • Silicone Sleeved Treatment Roller
  • Single Side Treatment
  • Exteranl Driving of Treatment Rollers with synchronous speed.
  • Pneuamtic Opening/Closing for ease in threading.
  • Ozone Extraction System.